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Tracking your package delivered by UPS/Fedex/DHL

Anothr is aboslutely designed for "time-sensitive" knowledge workers. So whenever a new service RSSlized, Anothr can be thought as a possibility to deliver the timely information to their customers.  So naturally, many people would like to track their package delivered by express services like UPS/Fedex/DHL etc.  It's now nearly perfect to do this, yet to be adopted by those service businesses themselves.

Why "nearly perfect"?

Because the tracking RSS is provided by a mashup service first, like this one: SimpleTracking, which provides several customizable package tracking sources online. You can just input the package tracking ID from UPS/Fedex/DHL to the form, and generate an RSS for your pkg. If you copy the RSS link to your Anothr robot in Skype contacts, you can be notified where the package are, see, how mashup is powerful!

Why not perfect yet?

Because the RSS function should be provided by those express services themselves(I didn't verify if they have provided now) to enable their customers a new choice on quality of service. If they did, they will win more loyalty from my guess.



虽然很多网站慢慢地都支持RSS输入,如果你喜欢的网站有RSS feeds ,那么就可以订阅。但是,即便订阅了,你有那么多时间来看吗?在邻国日本,RSS也成为其大站不放弃竞争的市场;但是,另一方面,日本用户就有反映“未阅读焦虑症”,生怕遗失而焦虑。国内情况也大致如此,RSS被越来越多的人认知;而面对RSS阅读器中积累无数条未读内容,可能很多人会麻木不仁。






Anothr look in Skype 3.0

Anothr in Skype 3.0 Beta
Originally uploaded by Isaac Mao.
If you have downloaded Skype 3.0(beta). You will find some fancy features including "Skype extras" and "Open discussion channel" which Bruce desribed as "IRC feeling". Also if you are using Anothr service, you can feel better with the layout and outlooking of the feeds which makes Anothr windows more like a "Live NewsPaper" closer to our vision.

Skype is showing its big potential as an application platform. We are happy to be on the trend and proud of our services with millions of skype users.


Public Google Groups for Anothr

Here we created a public Google Groups for Anothr service today. You can join the group free and share your ideas to improve Anothr service and report issues using our service. Also if you become a member of this group, you can also subscribe to the updates from it by add the group's RSS feed to your Anothr robot.  Isn't it interesting?


Beyond RSS Feed (2): eBay Search Result Track

eBay sellers or buyers have combined their auctions with the free internet telephone service Skype, plus eBay does offer RSS in the search service now, the alert service becomes easy to make.

When you search something in eBay, and input it to the search box of eBay, and you can get an RSS feed that provides the listings that satisfy the query you entered. Once you tell this feed to, you will receive automatic updates any time a new listing appears in this store. For exmaple, i like Nokie N72 cellphone, and search it, got the result page( ) yes, there is RSS feed in the bottom of this page, the Feed URL is, then i told the feed to robot, have done the alert of information about Nokia N72; robot can tell you what is new about N72 instantly. It is easy!

Before that, many eBay alert tools need to install some alert software on your PC; and now you add to Skype buddy list only, robot can do it for you. Let's do it!


Beyond RSS Feed ( 1 ): Calendar Service

When launched, we made short talk with a friend in Europe over Skype, what feed is you like to subscribe. Most answers are they would like to track their favorite bloggers. Yes, sounds RSS feed application with blogsphere!

In fact, you have much more different application of RSS feed, if you registered some calendar service, like, you can put calendar feed to, and make a real-time alert; you have many fun in calendar service! It sounds super mash-up.

Discover your potential favorites from is cool, because it not only shows the social filtered sites from global participation, but also provides RSS for any page. You can find "RSS for this page" everywhere. So if you are wondering any good sites for your reading, you can just use Anothr to subscribe to "popular" sites that global people like from with just talking to "Anothr" the feed url. The discovering work becomes easier, with and Anothr. Enjoy it!


Feed List, Personal Data

What is personal data? the most legal document has similar terms, for example, “The term "personally identifiable information" means any information that may be used to identify you, including, but not limited to, your name, address, email address, Internet Protocol address, phone number, billing information, or other contact information…”, but now, we think more, instant message account, subscription feed, and feed list are “personal data”! It does mean: subscribers' feed list in is belong to personal data.

Feed list is personal data, of course, the users have right to make public, or share with their buddies, or for himself only. So, the users will make final decision to process feed list and choose the feed status.

That is fundamentals and our philosophy.

Anothr: Free Service

We like it,! Not only simple, but free as well, it is our philosophy: free charge, we hope to share the art with all the users.

In China, another tag to us is grassroots, in other word: free, always free in the future! That is a culture of the internet. Also, we are a piper, live micro content pipelines player, so that, paving and piping are we like to do. Plus, this is an art, very beautiful pipelines!

Track Chinese Blogger Conference photos with Anothr service

The 2nd Chinese Blogger Conference just finished in Hangzhou, China. It's very successful and more profound than last year that enabled many people to think of "its a inflection year of Chinese Blogosphere".  Like Rebecca Machinnon blogged with a title, "Bloggers, innovation, and China's future".

If you missed this conference, it's not too late. You can still subscribe to the conference mashup feeds in photos here.  By dragging the feed link to your Anothr contact in Skype, you can continuously get more and more people's photo contribution on both Flickr and Yupoo(a local Chinese photo sharing site).

Again, you can subscribe this feed link to get almost all photos about Chinese Blogger Conference in photos.


Be notified on your real time local weather is a fancy web site with full RSS support to help us to be notified with local real time weather in a simple parameters list. You can simply find your city in the cascaded list and drag the RSS to "anothr" contact in your chat window.

Here's the sample message that reports you local weather in a 10-minute-interval level. The weather information seems comes from global aviation service network. So the location maybe not your central town, instead, the weather near your city's airport. It's anyway a good information source fyi.

【Title】: Shanghai / Hongqiao, CHINA Weather :: 19C Fair(10-31 08:00)
【Summary】: 19C Fair
Fair 19°C
Wind Speed:11 KMH
Wind Direction:NE (050°)
Barometer: 1021 mb
Heat Index:19°C
Wind Chill:19°C
Visibility:11 km (Entire Post: )

However, there maybe still some problems with customized weather RSS. There are also some information errors on timestamp of the RSS. We'd hope RSSWeather to fix it soon.

WangR 推荐 AnothR

我很奇怪为什么其它即时通讯软件没有这么做? 记得msn的相关密友功能么,比如 Abot, 谈到这个我想你一定会说,这些机器人的动作太慢了,他们根本不知道怎么去满足用户。就skype这个机器人来说,他就像一个仆人一样,帮助你即时了解你 Rss订阅的更新情况。就我来说,在试用了它之后,感觉很奇特,但我想它还不会打败Netvibes 。然而,这的确是中国人的新创造,而且当你使用这个之后,我想你宁愿使用这个而不是等待Feeds提供商的更新了,比如netvibes. --- []
回答WangR提出的问题,为什么“其他即时通讯软件没有这么做?”,可能大家也会做的,因为看到了这个主意去模仿并不难,但是原创并能够持续提供稳定的服务是我们要做的目标,也许可以在这方面多多鞭策 Anothr。


Skype is an RSS reader?

When you subscribe many feeds via "" in Skype, you will find Skype is a simple RSS reader, you open Skype window to full screen, and read the entire post of every feeds. It is very easy, and comfortable.

Plus, another message, it said:
"All versions of Pluck's RSS readers for Internet Explorer, FireFox and Pluck's web edition will be discontinued on 1/5/2007. The RSS Readers have served our community of end users well for several years, but with Pluck's focus in other business areas, the venerable RSS readers are set to be retired from our product line."

"Pluck RSS Reader Shuts Down: Consumer RSS Readers a Dead Market Now": "I'm afraid to say that consumer RSS Readers are rapidly becoming commodities and will soon be next to worthless - the real business is white label and enterprise solutions. "

It is true, when Google and Yahoo delivery their RSS reader which can bundle with your mail service, every one will like to find more in-hand approaches to read RSS easily, such as Instant Message, Mail, even Blog, all can meet your requirement. It is also real interesting mash-up; ...remixed rss reader is coming now. Skype is RSS reader, do you agree?


Anothr for Sport Fans

If you're sport fans, shall take care the live news. And most News Feed, like ESPN, you can subscribe to "" with the addesses below for each feed you want to:
Top Headlines:
NFL Headlines:
NBA Headlines:
MLB Headlines:
NHL Headlines:
Motorsports Headlines:
Soccer Headlines:
College Basketball Headlines:
College Football Headlines:
ESPN Latest Videos:
Bill Simmons Columns:

Sure, you can get live news instantly with "" ; of course, you might make mix those feeds with xfruits .

And you want to get live score only, you might subscribe following feeds: ; and when you know better live score feeds, please tell us.

If your favorite sites miss an RSS feed, now you can try to create one with "PonyFish".

Plus, "" always is offering a strong and easy-going service for you!


Some Financial RSS Feeds

"" in Skype can assist private investors to monitor financial news instantly,such as business news, stock quote, deal minotor and others. Those RSS feeds includes
Motley Fool:
Google Stock Quote:
Yahoo Finance RSS List

Also, you can make some alerts of real estate, bonds, mutual funds and etc., those RSS list:
Bali real estate:
Surety Bonds:
Mutual Funds:

If you are start-up, you pay high attention to fund raising and track what happens in the capital circle, now you can subscribe following RSS Feeds:
Investor Questions:
Yahoo Venture Capital:

"" in Skype has you life better!


China Web 2.0 introduce

China Web2.0 Review is a blog dedicated to track web2.0 development, review and profile web2.0 applications, business and services in China.Here is the introduction of from China Web2.0 Review :

“To use Anothr to read rss updates is incredibly simple. After adding as your Skype contact, you can simply input the rss feed you want to follow in chat window, the robot will varify the feed and add subscription for you. You can also just input the URL of blogs you want to follow, the robot will discover the rss feed and subscribe it for you(see screenshot below). If the feeds you subscribe have updated posts, the title and summary of the posts will be shown in Skype chat window. Maybe it is not designed for rss heavy consumers, but it would be helpful for those who use Skype daily and track a certain blogs. ”


让我在这里为您介绍第一批6个典型的RSS种子。您通过RSS Robot from Anothr.com订阅以下RSS种子,将体会到 机器人带来的超酷体验:

  1. 订阅糗事百科,分享到世界各地形形色色的糗事 订阅地址:
  2. NBA球迷订阅第一手的NBA报道和NBA赛事纵横 订阅地址:
  3. 订阅Chinaren同学录上班级的RSS,第一时间了解老同学们的动向
  4. 车迷订阅autotolog 将Autolog 的RSS订阅地址 复制到你与机器人 的聊天窗口就成功订阅。 要按车型和网站子频道进行分类订阅的车迷,请访问
  5. 数码发烧友订阅engadget中文版 将engadget的RSS订阅地址 复制到你与机器人 的聊天窗口就成功订阅。 要按“智能手机、数码相机、无线应用”等进行分类订阅请访问 tp://
  6. Wealink用户订阅“个人公告”的RSS:点击Wealink “消息中心”页面上的RSS标志,拷贝这个标志所连接的网址,复制到你与Anothr.com的对话窗口就成功订阅。









Bot 2.0

There are many IM-bots in the market(or internet sphere) already. The robot concept for IM is now wide-adopted by end users. However, seems there are no real breakthrough in this field for years except the "virtual dialog" function. To end users, after lines of conversations with the "virtual people", they will realize its boring to talk with a Bot with nosense topics(though the Bot always try to provide a "menu" for jokes collections same to all users and Astrology information to tout users).

So there is Bot 2.0. It's not so 'intelligent' as boasted as Bot 1.0. However, it can be more personalized to suite for individual context since there are more and more productions and information created by end users themselves. There are longtail requirements and any Bot 1.0 can't satisfy the longtail needs from end users. The biggest advantages of Bot 2.0 is to provide a platform to connect diversified information sources and pipeline. So's RSS subscription is a 2.0 experiment, but not enough. The 2.0 curtain just been opened, now to Bot world.

Make your skype more useful

Skype is not only a cool voice-over-IP tool, but also a perfect P2P application platform with high security. So with AnothR, you can find your skype is becoming a information dashboard, acting as an agent to help you filter and notify favorite informaiton. The notification function of Skype is designed to integrate into AnothR robot, so you can always open the dialog window with AnothR and keep watching on some interesting feed like news, weather, stock, or whatever information you like.

Anothr.com机器人支持RSS Discovery功能啦!


机器人已经支持自动RSS Discovery的Blog托管商有:

MSN Spaces (
博客园 (
CSDN Blog(
Donews Blog(




输入Language zh-cn就能让你的anothR.com变成中文提示!!

最讨厌英文了,Skype RSS订阅提醒机器人居然是英文提示。还好输入Language zh-cn就能让anothR.com变成中文提示,



RSS Robot as a RSS validator

Always hack RSS Robot please.

If you don't know if your RSS is validate or not, you can simply drag the RSS/Atom link into "" in Skype. If the robot reports "You have subscribed to RSS Robot", means it's a valid feed. On the other hand, if you get "The feed link you provided is not valid" like message, means its an invalid feed format.

Anyway, you can always use other Feed validator service online, but comparing to effeciency, RSS Robot is better, right?



1. 国际新闻:
2. 台湾新闻:
3. 大陆新闻:
4. 社会新闻:
5. 历史评论:
6. 新闻视点:

只可惜没有一个整合的数据输出,不过聪明的人,当然有聪明的办法,大家可以用 来合并这些Feed,不就变成一个整合的输出了吗? RSS Robot Launch Today is a skype-based robot which can provides just-in-time alerts for your favorite feeds. It can simplify your blogs/news reading experience and improve the effectiveness of your daily information flow.